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An iron angel fell to earth one day and blessed man with the heavenly powers of Devine Angelic Elements in an attempt to prove man could be trusted to balance their own inequalities in the world. The iron angel created a new element that would grant humans the ability to harness his power of creativity through a collection of totem beads that when bonded with a human spirit, would take the form of a golden DAE Helm that would provide the wearer with unlimited powers of creativity, speed, strength, endurance and invincibility. Though the benevolent iron angel's faith in man was far too high and through time would be proven to have made a grave mistake.

Throughout history these Helms became famous for aiding mankind until jealousy, greed and deceit began to plague those who wished to obtain a DAE totem. And with every evil intent the Helms became more corrupted and filled with rage and the power of destruction grew beyond their ability to create anything but chaos. 


In time, it was agreed upon that these totems be buried and hidden away.

Until they suddenly started to emerge around the globe. What once started as a mission for creativity and peace once again proved when humans use the DAE tokens for creativity they bring peace to the world by all those who utilize them honorably to the code.

But as humans have proven time and time again….man may never be ready to obtain such power without corruption.



by day is an overworked coffee barista who only wants to finish her shift and go home to her scuttled life.

One day she stumbles upon the powers of the DAE and dawns an all too powerful helm that changes her life forever as she now must learn to harness her new responsibilities to help balance the chaos in the world.

WARRIORS OF THE DAE will be a series of super human stories that will create a new universe of super hero storylines.

WIARLAWD is an independent film and animation studio with a knack for stylistic storytelling, stunning animation and visual detail utilizing our unique animation technique combining 2D and 3D format. 
Our fanimated productions are set to revive or rival some of the industries most prominent film works to date and we’d love to share our short films with viewers like you and all we ask is you to support our movement by helping us spread the word.

Ride with us as we journey to the finish-line of each of our productions through our short films and teaser releases,

Sign up for more info on WARRIOR OF THE DAE and our other productions in works.

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