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Connected in 2002, married 10.10.10,  this past year marked our first decade in marriage and nearly two decades united in love and creativity together. 2020 through us for a loop as it did all of us to say the least. Unable to join with family and loved ones in person due to COVID restrictions, we started building a VR experience that we we're hoping would allow us to share what we've been creating together all these years. Unfortunately the virtual event had to be postponed as well. Nevertheless our celebration continues and our gratitude keeps growing for all of you who have supported us along our journey together. We are so grateful and are looking forward to celebrating anew with the relaunch of our Virtual Anniversary "Virtualversary" in the fall 10.10.2021

And we're excited to celebrate with You!

The playlist 

This playlist will be featured during the event and is comprised of music created by us.

We're excited to share with listeners like you. Our Fam💕

Listen now or come experience it with us at the virtual party relaunching this fall.

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Our occasion: 

Visit our VR-World by WIARLAWDTM

We are excited to invite you to WIAR VR WORLD! This is going to be an event unlike any other, bringing us together through this new digital format. We put together something truly special and can’t wait to have you take part.

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